Kasich calls for collaboration on gun control and health care

Governor John Kasich appeared on CBS This Morning on Thursday.

NEW YORK - Governor John Kasich spoke out against bump stocks, and called for collaboration on gun control and health care on CBS This Morning Thursday.

Given the recent tragedy in Las Vegas, Kasich began the interview by sharing his views on gun control, saying he would outlaw bump stocks and ammunition that can pierce body armor.

He also called for people on both sides of the issue to come together and negotiate. He said, "There has to be common agreement. If you don't do it together, I don't think it gets done."

Kasich also said that people with extreme views on both sides are only harming the debate.

"If I were president, what I would do is I would put these folks in a room and I'd find out who those people are who are reasonable," he said. "You can't find people who say no way no how. And you can't find people on the other side who say, we're going to take away all the guns."

He concluded the interview by pivoting to health care, saying he wants government leaders to find a solution to that issue, as well, "I don't want to see these health care exchanges fall apart because it's going to mean millions of Americans are going to lose health insurance."