K9 Deputy Helps Find Lost Fairfield County Toddler


A K9 deputy is being hailed a hero for tracking down a missing Fairfield County toddler. 

Fairfield County Sheriff Dave Phalen said a Stoutsville mother called 911 Tuesday, saying her 23-month-old son was missing.

The mother told dispatchers she turned her back for 30 seconds and the boy vanished.

Several deputies, including Shawn Meloy and his K9 partner Kahr, responded to the scene. 

Meloy said he assumed the boy had wandered into a nearby cornfield, but Kahr had other ideas.

Deputy Meloy said the K9 picked up a scent and blew past other first responders.  It was clear Kahr was hot on the trail.

“Sometimes you can hear him loud snorting,” Deputy Meloy said.  “His tail’s wagging pretty good…his ears are perking up.”

Deputies Meloy and Kahr eventually tracked the boy down nearly a mile away from his home. They found him in a small clearing between two cornfields with stalks more than six-feet high.

“He was just out for a stroll.  He wasn’t crying,” Meloy said.

The sheriff’s deputy said the boy pet Kahr and got a ride on the deputies’ shoulders to the arms of his father.

Deputy Meloy said Kahr began service for the Fairfield County Sheriff’s Office less than a year ago. 

The K9 is only 3 years old but his handler said tracking and rescuing a missing toddler may turn out to be the K9’s career high.