Judge Rules That Exotic Animals Must Be Returned To Northwest Ohio Farm


(Information from WTOL-TV)

On Wednesday, the Ohio Department of Agriculture seized all but one of the animals at the Tiger Ridge Exotics Animal Farm in northwest Ohio.

Later in the day, a judge ruled that the creatures had to be returned.

The Ohio Department of Agriculture says the animals will be moved back to the farm, but they aren't sure when. Officials had already transported them to Central Ohio.

The Tiger Ridge facility houses six tigers, a lion, a black lion and Kodiak bear. The owner says he's been working with the state to meet new regulations. The state says his upgrades (insurance policies, microchips in the animals and additional fencing) were not enough.

Ohio enacted strict new regulations on the owners of exotic animals after a Zanesville man set loose dozens of exotic animals in 2011.

The next hearing on the issue is February 10.