Judge orders Andrew Mitchell be held without bond

Andrew K. Mitchell - Corrections Center of Northwest Ohio
Judge orders Andrew Mitchell be held without bond
Court orders Mitchell to remain in federal custody

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — A judge has ordered a vice squad officer in Ohio held without bail on charges of forcing women to have sex with him under threat of an arrest.

A federal indictment also accuses 55-year-old Columbus police officer Andrew Mitchell of witness tampering and lying to federal agents when he said he'd never had sex with prostitutes.

“If you have a police officer who is not only committing crimes, but using the office of the police authority to commit those crimes, that's about as serious as you can have,” said Ben Glassman, U.S. Attorney.

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Magistrate Judge Kimberly Jolson issued the continuing hold on Mitchell Wednesday in federal court in Columbus. Defense attorney Mark Collins says Mitchell will plead not guilty.

“We were hoping to get him released, but the judge did what she thought was proper and we respect that and move on to arraignment next Thursday. We'll argue again for his release at that time,” said defense attorney Mark Collins.

Mitchell has also been investigated by state authorities but not yet charged after police said he fatally shot Donna Castleberry who stabbed him in the hand while sitting in his unmarked police car.

Mitchell will be back in court to be arraigned on Thursday, March 21.

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