John Glenn Astronomy Park opening delayed until 2018


John Glenn Astronomy Park was originally scheduled to open November 13, but after delays in construction, the grand opening is now tentatively planned for the Spring Equinox in 2018.

“The plan is to install the pavers on the central plaza," said Lucia Hoehne, the architect behind the John Glenn Astronomy Park project, points out what is going to be installed this week and how every little detail works with the sun. “The light will concentrate and shine to the center sphere of the bench."

When people eventually come out to the John Glenn Astronomy Park, they will be able to sit on a bench designed with a sphere to help you view the North Star.

Stargazing will be made easy with the observatory. The roof will roll out over the beams and there is going to be two telescopes inside. Interestingly enough Ohio's weather was taken into consideration with its design.

“In Ohio, we have wind coming mainly from the west, so we put the warm room on the east side of the observatory specifically in order to make sure that the heat from the building doesn't interfere with the viewing from the telescopes,” said Brad Hoehne, Director of John Glenn Astronomy Park

Hoehne also adds what visitor can expect when they come out to John Glenn Astronomy Park.

“We are going to do programs that feature the sun. We are also going to be doing things on the side like shooting off rockets or pacing out the scale of the solar system or going out into the woods and finding things to put under a microscope that we have," he said.

This facility will be a huge addition to the Hocking Hills State Park when it's completed. Friends of Hocking Hills still need to raise $400,000 for equipment and educational programming. For more information click here.