"It's OK to be white" sticker found at Columbus church, school

The sticker placed on a door at Crossroads United Methodist Church

COLUMBUS, Ohio (10TV) - A sticker is stirring up controversy in Columbus after it showed up at a church and school.

The Anti-Defamation League said the phrase, "It's OK to be white," has been used by white supremacists after becoming popular in 2017.

Last week, someone placed, "It's OK to be white" stickers at both Binns Elementary School and Crossroads United Methodist Church. They are only blocks away from each other.

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The sticker was taken down by parents at the school. The district reported the incident to their safety and security team, but not Columbus police.

Rev. Don Wallick said he called police to report the incident after seeing the sticker was also at the school.

"In my book, it's just a reaction to fear about the fact there are more minority folks in the country," said Rev. Don Wallick from Crossroads United Methodist Church. "I see it as a strength and something to celebrate, but there are folks who are fearful of that."

Wallick was interviewed by 10TV last month when anti-LGBTQ graffiti showed up on his garage. Now, he wonders if this is somehow related.

"My experience is these hateful thoughts all kind of run together. So, you wonder if it's the same person doing these things ... hard to know," he said.

Wallick said he feels it is important to speak out after instances like this. He wanted to share this message with anyone feeling discouraged.

"That's not the society we want. That's not the neighborhood or community we want. We want one where everyone is welcome and all people are valued," he said. "If you're white, that's great. But, if you're black or brown, or whatever color you are, or wherever you came from, and whoever you love - you're welcome here."

The school's cameras did pick up the incident, but we're told you could not see any faces. Wallick said he will meet with the school's principal on Thursday to offer his support.