"It's just sad" Central Ohioans sound off on image of drowned father, daughter at border

People review a viral image from the southern border with 10TV's Bryant Somerville (WBNS-TV)

COLUMBUS, Ohio — People in Columbus voiced both opinions and concerns, Wednesday, about the viral image that shows a man and his 23-month-old daughter who drowned while trying to cross the Rio Grande.

"Oh, my God," one man said.

"To see this right here... it's just sad," another man said.

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At a bus stop near the Capital, 10TV set up an easel and placed an iPad on it displaying the viral image. Some people were quick with their thoughts, while others took minutes to process the image.

"I don't know," one woman said. "I just feel really bad, to be honest."

The image shows a man and his 23-month-old daughter face-down along the bank of the Rio Grande. The Mexican migrants were reportedly trying to get to the United States when the river water's current became too much. In the photo, the girl's arm can be seen still wrapped around her father's neck.

"How can we let this kind of thing happen?" one man asked.

Some 1,600 miles away Columbus strangers know there's no fix-all solution.

"It's a complex situation," a man said. "Let's be frank about it."

The man, who is a Nigerian immigrant, has been a U. S. citizen since 1981. He says people should come in the U.S. legally but says politicians need to help, too.

"Everybody should agree to sit down and work out their differences," he said.

Some people blamed politics, others lean on decency, saying the United States should want to help immigrants who are trying to get away from poverty and violence.

"People need to be sympathetic because America is the land of immigrants," one man said. "Unless you're an American Indian, you should welcome immigrants and why people don't... I don't get."