'It's cheaper than a funeral': New implant could help overcome opioid addiction


A new medical device could help curb alcoholism and certain opioid addictions.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is working to take a medication-assisted treatment approach to help patients overcome addiction.

BioCorRx® is a healthcare solutions company that offers a pellet-sized implant which releases a medication that reduces cravings for drugs and alcohol.

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"I cried while they were putting it in," said Angela Denes, whose son received the implant nearly two years ago. "I called Jordan and I said, 'hey listen, there's this implant... let's try it! We have nothing to lose!"

Her son's addiction started at 16 years old when he had to have spinal surgery after he sustained an injury on his family farm. His doctor prescribed him habit-forming medication for pain.

"It was hydrocodone and Oxycodone", Denes said.

After several months of taking the medication, Jordan became addicted. His mother attempted to help ween him off, but he relapsed.

"I was distributing them like a nurse. Thought it was going great," she said. "And then we got the call. They said that he was trying to buy pain pills."

Her son served time behind bars before finally trying an alternative solution to overcoming his addiction.

Jordan received the BioCorRx® implant and has been sober for 2 years.

"Immediately I had my son back! And it was great. We didn’t have the trust issues. I didn’t have to look at him and wonder, is he getting ready to relapse," said Denes.

There is only one doctor in central Ohio who is trained on this implant. The cost of each implant varies per patient.

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