Investigation of Ohio pastor accused of inappropriate contact with minor ends

Photo of Father James Csaszar courtesy of the Church of the Resurrection in New Albany,

Father James Csaszar, who was a member of the Church of the Resurrection in New Albany, took his life on December 20, 2017. He was 44-years old.

Father Csaszar was under investigation at the time by the New Lexington, Ohio Police Department regarding stolen funds at the St. Rose Parish in New Lexington as well as inappropriate conversations with a minor child.

According to a statement released Wednesday from the Diocese, the investigation into Father Csaszar is concluded and the following was substantiated:

*Inappropriate communication had taken place between the minor child over a period of time.

*The minor stated that while texting conversations with Father Csaszar became "weird" and at times minor felt bullied and blackmailed by him, no inappropriate physical contact had taken place.

*Father Csaszar stated in one text messages that he was in possession of a nude photo of a minor.

According to the letter sent to members of the Church of the Resurrection, Father Csaszar was approached by Reverend Frederick Campbell, Bishop of Columbus about the allegations regarding the minor child.

"He admitted wrongdoing...including possession of a nude photo of a minor that was sent to him by an allegedly unknown person or persons. Father Csazar never reported the photo to the minor’s parents, law enforcement or the Diocese,” according to the Bishop.

After that conversation, the church says they placed Father Csaszar on leave of absence until the police investigation was completed.

The Diocese says it fully cooperated with police.

The investigation also found "financial irregularities" at the Perry County Consortium of the Parishes. It was never determined how much money was missing, according to police.

According to the letter sent to church members, Father Csaszar "admitted to stealing money while serving as Pastor in Perry County."

According to a second letter left by Father Csaszar he “blamed no one for taking his own life.” Father Csaszar said he "did not sexually abuse any minors."

"I want to reaffirm our commitment to building and maintaining safe environments for all our young people, The work of protecting minors, in particular, is critical and the Diocese of Columbus remains absolutely steadfast in its commitment to undertake every effort possible in this regard," Reverend Frederick Campbell, said.

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