Investigating school threats: Columbus Police Department works with BCI to track threatening posts

File photo - Columbus Police (WBNS-10TV)

Columbus Police say tracking school threats is difficult because there isn't a specific unit dedicated to school threats.

CPD says it takes a team, which includes its terrorism unit and investigators from the state crime lab, to conduct a thorough investigation.

Lieutenant Brent Mull with CPD's Homeland Security section says kids today simply don't understand that police can trace their computers and phones when a threat is made.

Police say tracking IP addresses and getting a search warrant are just a couple of ways they can dive deeper into possible threats.

Officers say schools are still getting threats this week, but not as many.

They are urging students that if you see something, you should say something.

That motto lead to the arrest of a north Columbus teenager after threats were made toward Beechcroft High School.

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