Integrative wellness key to total body health


If you're looking to find your center, integrative wellness expert Lori Bower can help you.

Bower is the integrative wellness manager at the New Albany Heit Center. She said simple moves including yoga can help you find calm in the chaos.

“Our society now is on full speed; we go, go, go! We never pause and so these programs we're really looking for ways to help people find center, take that pause, reset, realign to find center and get back to the feeling of feeling whole again.”

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Heit Center Medical Director Dr. Elizabeth Nogan uses integrative wellness along with lifestyle interventions like diet and exercise are first-line treatments.

Dr. Nogan said genetics play a role in our health but patients have a role too.

“I feel like patients should be doing everything they can with diet and exercise to stay off medication and even patients who are on medication we can sometimes get people off of them if they resort to these lifestyle changes."

You can consider Nijya Saffo "living proof" of this. She lost 50 pounds making these lifestyle changes.

The OSU Wexner Medical Center sports dietitian is registered, licensed and on staff at the Heit Center. She works with patients who are ready to make a change.