Inside the Governor's Mansion with First Lady Fran DeWine

Inside the Governors Mansion
Fran DeWine Cooking

Four months into the governorship, Ohio’s First Lady Fran DeWine says she and Governor Mike DeWine are feeling settled.

“Mike was walking through the other day and he said, ‘You know, this really feels like home. It does’,” DeWine said.

The Governor’s Mansion in Bexley has been home to 10 Ohio governors. It has seen dignitaries and celebrities like John F. Kennedy, John Glenn, Bob Hope, Ronald Reagan, the Bush Family and Jesse Jackson grace the mansion grounds. The home’s rich history is now home to Ohio’s 70th Governor for the next four years. But unlike previous families, the DeWines are quite unique when it comes to family numbers.

They have eight children and 24 grandchildren.

10TV’s Angela An spoke exclusively with First Lady DeWine about life in the Governor’s Mansion, her future platform as Ohio’s First Lady and what drives her real passion for cooking.