Inside 10 Investigates: It’s happened again – but can we get the answers you deserve?

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COLUMBUS (WBNS) - It’s happened again.

We’ve heard that phrase mentioned several times over the past month – especially in wake of the tragic murders of two Westerville police officers or the tragic school shooting in Parkland, Florida that claimed 17 lives.

It’s happened again.

And it resurfaced in the past two weeks after 10 Investigates broke another story.

The story: a convicted sex offender, under the watch of a state of Ohio’s Adult Parole Authority, was arrested for the rape, kidnapping and murder of a young woman in Ohio.

Sound familiar?

I’m not referring to Brian Golsby, the convicted sex offender charged with the 2017 rape, kidnapping and murder of Ohio State student Reagan Tokes.

His trial begins next week. He’s pleaded not guilty to the charges.

The story I’m referring to involves Anthony Pardon, the second convicted sexual predator in a year to be charged with capital murder in Columbus. He’s accused of the rape, kidnapping and murder of 24-year old Rachael Anderson.

He too has pleaded not guilty.

And – like Golsby – his alleged crimes occurred while he was on probation and under the watch of the Adult Parole Authority and the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction.

Pardon, a convicted sex offender, spent nearly 25 years in state prison in Ohio for the attempted murder and rape of a woman in 1982.

In 2007, he was arrested and later convicted in Georgia of forgery and failure to register as a sex offender. Court records obtained by 10 Investigates show he spent nearly 10 years in prison in Georgia before coming back to Ohio in June of 2017 as part of interstate compact between the two states.

Those same Georgia court records show Pardon was supposed to be on probation through 2037 and wear a GPS ankle monitor and pay for all expenses.

But that never happened.

Pardon requested a transfer to Ohio while still serving out his prison term in Georgia, a Georgia corrections spokesman told 10 Investigates this week.

So even though the state of Georgia wanted Pardon to wear a GPS ankle monitor to track his whereabouts, he was never released from prison in Georgia and therefore never supervised by their parole officers.

If you recall, 10 Investigates spent the past year demanding answers on how Brian Golsby, a convicted sex offender, could be released from prison and assigned a GPS ankle monitor but not closely monitored.

Police say the data from the GPS ankle monitor was not checked until after his arrest for Tokes’ murder. And when authorities did check it, they say Golsby could be connected to a string of robberies in the weeks and days leading up to the murder of Reagan Tokes. It also linked him, police say, to the location in the park where Tokes’ body was found.

Now we find ourselves asking similar questions about the allegations surrounding Anthony Pardon.

Who was watching him? Was he assigned a GPS ankle monitor?

The Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction will not tell us.

I first emailed a department spokeswoman twice on February 15th, a few days after Pardon’s arrest.


The first response: “Anthony Pardon was on probation through the interstate compact with Georgia.”

That didn’t answer my question. So, I wrote back again asking for answers:


Still no reply. I called several times. I emailed again on February 16th, February 20th, February 23rd.

Still no real clarity.

Then on February 27th, 12 days after my initial questions, I got this:

10 Investigates has since obtained records showing Pardon had been assigned a parole officer through the Adult Parole Authority when he arrived in Ohio in June. And Franklin County Jail records show that Pardon has been charged with a parole violation.

What is clear – the state of Georgia wanted Anthony Pardon to be outfitted with a GPS ankle monitor.

We just can’t seem to get you answers from Ohio.

That doesn’t mean we’ve stopped asking questions.