Injured student describes chaos, panic after crash that overturned Perry County school bus


Two students were still hospitalized Monday from a crash that sent a school bus toppling over. It happened Thursday morning in Perry County.

One of the eight students hurt in the crash spoke with 10TV. Eighteen-year-old Danaya Joseph was one of 28 students on board the Northern Local Schools bus Thursday morning.

Investigators say the driver of a Mustang ran a red light and was hit by the bus, the collision sending the bus spinning and rolling onto its side.

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"It was chaos. Everyone was screaming for help, we were all screaming," said Joseph. "I realized the bus was tipping and I was trying to grab ahold of something to catch me. I started freaking out, I started crying. I don't know how I landed on the front doors. I just remember hitting the seat and going black for one or two minutes. I woke up on the front doors of the bus, where the stairs and the railings are. I finally start to stand up and I'm climbing over seats. We tried to go out the back, but it was chaos back there, so we had two hatches that were opened. And we just got through those."

She says the students who could gathered at the nearby Circle K, where employees tended to and comforted them.

She didn't realize she had a large cut on her arm until a friend noticed she was bleeding.

"I'm still scared. I went to school Friday on a different bus and I was scared the whole way there and back. But I had friends who were there to help and comfort me."

It's the comfort of those classmates that is helping her recover from a terrifying experience.

"We have friends, we have people. On Messenger, we made a group chat for everyone that was on the bus and it's like a support group for everybody to talk to if they get scared or want to talk about it."

School officials tell 10TV two students are still hospitalized, but none of their injuries are life-threatening.

The state patrol says the driver who ran the light was driving on a suspended license. BMV records show he hasn't had a valid license since 2000 and has two OVIs on his record.

10TV is not identifying that man because at this time he is not charged with a crime.

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