Increased COTA service aims to alleviate congestion in Grandview


If you have spent time in Grandview Heights recently then you know the city is rich with restaurants, shops and new housing.

The area continues to grow in popularity but with that growth comes heavier traffic.

10TV spoke with Central Ohio Transit Authority (COTA) representatives who say they are working to contribute to a solution.

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In fact, last year COTA completely redesigned their system, re-working routes and increasing service, according to Doug Arseneault, COTA public affairs administrator.

Arseneault told 10TV that COTA saw a need for more bus service through the bustling Grandview region, which now has six bus lines in total.

Two of the new lines, include Line 22, the OSU-Rickenbacker route, which passes through Grandview from Ohio State’s campus and down to Rickenbacker, as well as Line 31, which connects the north side of Columbus.

The idea is to alleviate some of the struggles that come with a busy neighborhood.

That could mean fewer cars waiting in traffic, more parking spaces available to those who need them and easier connections to other parts of Franklin County.

“With the development of Grandview Yard and with the increase of development through Grandview Heights, providing more restaurants and other destinations, we really wanted to look at ways to connect with that new development,” Arseneault said. “And that's a key piece of what COTA does. We connect people with jobs, we connect people with where they want to go.”

COTA also recently launched their C-Pass program, giving eligible downtown employees access to COTA when they need it at no cost, whether it's to and from work or on the weekends.

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