Incoming Delaware City Schools superintendent talks plans for budget, overcrowding


Delaware City Schools will have a new chief officer for the 2019-2020 school year.

Heidi Kegley, who currently serves as assistant superintendent for the district, will soon take over as superintendent this fall.

"We are growing and I want to ensure that we continue working toward those goals and staying on that path of achievement and success," she said.

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Kegley has worked for the district for 20 years. Delaware City Schools is one of the fastest growing school districts in central Ohio. Kegley says although the district gets an additional 100 students per school year, they are under a "funding cap" with the state of Ohio, which means they do not receive additional funding for each new pupil they receive.

"We grew at the wrong time," Kegley said. "And so, we are not receiving the amount of funding that we should be from the state."

This summer, Delaware City taxpayers will vote on a no-new-millage bond issue which means property taxes would not raise, but stay the same. If passed, district leaders plan to add classroom space, update playground areas and purchase additional school buses.

"With the increasing enrollment, we need additional school buses for those additional routes. We'll also increase the technology infrastructure and of course curriculum, textbooks and those types of things," she said.

Kegley's first day as superintendent is August 1.