'I'm so proud': 9-year-old girl writes thank-you letter to Dr. Amy Acton

Ruby Owens, 9, with her brother Salvatore, 4.

COLUMBUS, Ohio (10TV) -- A young girl from New Lebanon is showing her appreciation for Dr. Amy Acton.

Ruby Owens, 9, waits for the daily 2 p.m. news conference on Ohio's response to the coronavirus. She isn't focused so much on what is being said, but the person saying it: Ohio Department of Health Director Dr. Amy Acton.

"The quotes she has provided speak such peace and hope," said Ruby's mom, Emily Owens. "Even though the country seems to be shutting down right now, she feels we are opening up and our future is brighter than ever."

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Emily and Ruby had the idea of sending a thank-you letter to Dr. Acton. On Monday morning, they did just that. Ruby's little brother, Salvatore, even got in on the fun.

Ruby shared her letter with 10TV's Angela Reighard:

Dear Dr. Acton,

Thank you for keeping us calm during this scary time. I'm so proud to see a woman in charge. I'm happy that you see a bright future for us. I hope you stay healthy. I am so happy to have you and have hope.

Your friend,

Ruby Owens

To Ruby, she wasn't writing to a stranger, but rather, a role model.

"I think that she is kind of taking a big risk because she's not in her home. She's out there being with other people, surrounded by people," Ruby said.

When asked what she would tell Dr. Acton if she had the chance, Ruby said, "I'm really proud of you."

Emily Owens shared the idea to send Dr. Acton a letter on a Facebook group called, "Dr. Amy Acton Fan Club." Her post had more than one thousand likes and hundreds of shares.

If you would like to send a note to Dr. Acton at the Ohio Department of Health, you can mail it here: Dr. Amy Acton, Director of Health, 246 North High Street, Columbus, Ohio 43215.