If your air conditioning goes out expect to wait for repairs


Central Ohio AC technicians are working overtime as the temperature spiked over the Memorial Day holiday weekend.

"Business is booming," says Logan AC and Heat Services Customer Service Supervisor Kristi Peters.

Kay Zhang of Dublin says her house was 78 degrees when her unit conked out. She's one of the lucky ones, she called Tuesday morning and got a repair crew to see her the same day.

But that's not the case for many homeowners who find themselves competing with everyone else to find a technician now.

"When it gets bad it gets really bad when they want service they want it yesterday so what have you done from it lately," says Peters.

Hetter Heating and Cooling say they are so busy, it will take a week before they can catch up to calls made Tuesday.

Atlas Butler and Heating and Cooling technician Brian Hooser says most of the problems he sees are units that either run out of freon or parts that wear down because of constant use.

Experts say its important homeowners get annual repairs, usually in the Spring, to help catch problems before the heat of the Summer.​

A typical heating and cooling tune-up typically costs between $70 and $150 and often includes two service visits a year, once before Winter and again before Summer.

According to Energy Star, changing a dirty filter can lower a unit’s energy consumption by 5 to 15 percent, and save you money on energy bills and early replacement.

A unit that is too small to cool a large space, or trying to cool a home to 64 degrees on a 90-plus-degree day, for example, can cause ice to build upon the unit. Having restricted airflow, running the unit when it’s cooler than 65 degrees outside and having insufficient refrigerant are other causes for ice buildup.