Hunters save deer trapped on frozen lake

Darick Kvam | Facebook

After breaking through ice on a lake over the weekend, one deer was lucky to be found by hunters, CBS Minnesota reports.

Darick Kvam posted a video on Facebook showing him rescuing the deer. He captioned the post: "Who else participated in catch and release deer season?"

In the two-minute clip, Kvam can be seen pulling the deer from the broken ice and dragging it across the lake's frozen surface. His friend, Kody Hadler, shot the video of the rescue, which happened Sunday morning in western Minnesota.

Kvam said the ice on the lake was about four inches thick, so he wasn't concerned about falling in.

Once the deer got its hooves on solid ground, it ran into the woods.

Kvam said the deer appeared to be "perfectly fine."

As of Monday evening, the video had been viewed more than 7,500 times.