Hundreds march through Columbus to stand with Orlando


Members of the Columbus community marched in solidarity Sunday night for the victims in Orlando, from Goodale Park to the Union Café in the Short North.

Local LGBTQ organizations spread the word through Columbus to gather at the Goodale Park Pavilion, to stand together for pride and support.

"We're still here! Louder! We're still here! Louder! We're still here,” the crowd chanted.

Not with hate, but with heavy hearts, hundreds of people stood together as one.

"You can't sit at home when something like this happens. You just can't. You got to show solidarity,” Tom Morgan said.

"50 people killed. Their lives [were] taken in horrendous acts of violence,” Melissa Alexander said.

The word of a last-minute vigil spread quickly through the Columbus community and brought hundreds of people with flags and dressed with pride. Young, old, men, women, gay and straight went to the pavilion for the same reason.

The Buckeye Region Anti-Violence Organization helped bring people together.

"We need to stand together. Everybody; the gay community, the straight community, Every faith, every race. We all need to come together, we all need to march together to show this has got to stop. Enough with the hate,” President Debe Turnbull said.

"Solidarity, anger, grief, horror; It could have been us. It could be us,” Morgan said.

Protected by Columbus police, the community took their message of Orlando love and marched up High Street.

"It's for them, it's also for us. This is scary, we're not going to be bowed, but that doesn't mean that we don't feel this need to come together as a community, because we're grieving,” Turnbull said.

Black ribbons tied to the Union Café are for Orlando, to represent love from this community to theirs and to stand strong against the hate.

"We are who we are, we are proud of who we are and we are not going to live in fear,” Alexander said.

The Union Cafe plans to donate money raised to the families of the victims.

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