Humane agents making sure pets not left out in dangerous cold


Capital Area Humane Agent Elysse Rathbone was on the job in Reynoldsburg Thursday.

"We received a complaint about a dog being left outside. The complaint was that it didn't have any shelter."

She's making sure owners are doing right by their animals.

"We're definitely seeing animals left outside. So we want to try to provide as much education as possible, make sure that they have the best housing possible," she said. "We always request that you bring them in, spare bathroom or basement, somewhere, especially overnight. But in the event that that is not possible we want to educate the owner on how to give it the best chance possible outside."

In some cases, that means leaving straw behind to insulate the dog house. along with a notice for the owner.

"You can see his dog house, the bowls are flipped over though, so he likely doesn't have any water, so we'll leave a notice for that," Rathbone said.

If she finds a dog in distress, she will take more urgent action.

"Is the animal bright, alert. responsive at the time? Does it appear to be showing symptoms of frostbite or hypothermia? Things like that. in the event it is in a life-threatening situation we will impound."

She says when in doubt, bring your animals inside.

"If you're cold, they're cold. That's a good rule of thumb. If it's too cold for you, it's probably cold for them as well."

Because temperatures like these are not fit for man or beast.

"They can absolutely get dangerous very very quickly."