How much Buckeye memorabilia can you fit into one room?


From the outside, this Columbus residence looks like any Buckeye fan's house. But looks can be deceiving!

As we head down the basement you are heading into a Buckeye World that is like no other. This is the Mother of all Buckeye basements.

This is the Buckeye pride and joy of Brian Fogle. Fogle started collecting as a kid and this is what it has turned into.

Fogle has so much memorabilia he is now forced to hang pictures on the ceiling.

“I just ran out of room so my girlfriend won't let it go past the door so I have to kind of improvise a little bit and use the space that I have," he said.

You name it and Fogle has it: From things signed by Woody Hayes to every kind of football figurine there is. Some of this stuff is downright rare, including a desk once used by Heisman winner Les Horvath while he attended Ohio State.

Fogle is pretty much out of room in the basement and he says he is looking for a new home with a bigger basement.

And if you are wondering there is one piece of Buckeye memorabilia he is on the hunt for. It would be a pair of Gold Pants that is given to the Buckeye Players after a win over Michigan.

Fogle said it is in the works for him to get a pair this spring.

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The Buckeye Basement
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