How Irma could impact Central Ohio


By now you’ve probably seen some of the damage Hurricane Irma has brought to Florida and the southeast United States. The storm made landfall in the Florida Keys over the weekend. Category 4 force wind gusts we recorded in Naples, FL and what’s now Tropical Storm Irma is still battering parts of the Gulf Coast and Atlantic as of this writing (Monday evening).

Remember all of the sunshine we had over the weekend? Now contrast that with what we saw rolling in through the day on Monday. Believe it or not those clouds are coming to Central Ohio thanks to what’s left of the massive storm.

What’s fascinating about the image above is the fact that you’re looking at a snapshot of the storm while the center of Irma’s circulation was nearly 600 miles away from Columbus. Despite that distance our sky in Central Ohio was nearly overcast as high clouds moved in throughout the afternoon on Monday.

The big question people now have is, “What will Irma do next?” The current forecast has Irma dumping up to 6” of rain (possibly more in isolated spots) in parts of Georgia and South Carolina.

As Irma continues to move inland it's getting farther from the warm ocean water, its fuel source, and weakening. Rain from the storm will continue to push closer through Tuesday and showers from the storm will start to start to arrive in the late morning and afternoon in Central Ohio. We’ll keep showers around at times Wednesday and Thursday morning. While it won’t rain all day long any day we’ll see periods of rain at times over the next few days. The most widespread push of it is expected Wednesday night into Thursday morning.