How to get organized during 'stay-at-home' order

How to get organized during 'stay at home' order

Many people are in the house more than ever as we continue the fight against COVID-19. Some people are using this extra time to organize their belongings and do a little spring cleaning.

Candace Read, with Wardrobe Therapy, offered the following advice for clearing the clutter from your closet:

Wash everything before you pack it away - even if you've only worn it once.

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Group your clothes by fabric when storing them.

Use moth repellent, ideally made of cedar. Cedar repels moths and discourages them from laying eggs.

Avoid wire hangers. They can stretch the shoulder fabric in your garments.

Only use plastic container for items you're storing for less than six months. They can age your fabric.

Store items in a cool, dark and dry environment. Temperature and humidity can affect fabric.