House Democrats propose several 'common sense' measures to counter gun violence


In the hope of trying to solve what they think is the answer to reducing gun violence in Ohio, House Democrats rolled out what they call "common sense" gun laws.

Among the efforts include:

Mandatory gun locks when guns are stored in the home where children are present:

The proposal has yet to define what punishment, if any, would happen if a child injures or kill themselves in with a loaded gun in the home.

State Representative Jessica Miranda, a Democrat from Forest Park, says that part of the bill remains part of the discussion.

"This is working in 27 other states so clearly, child access prevention works. So Ohio needs to get on the bandwagon," she says.

Dean Rieck of the Buckeye Firearms Association says the bill is unenforceable and won't solve anything.

"I think this bill will make no difference whatsoever if people want safety they should be teaching gun safety," Rieck says.

Red Flag Law:

This proposal would allow people to testify to have guns removed from a home where a person they know is a harm to themselves or others.

Opponents of the bill, like the Buckeye Firearms Association, say it takes away one's right to due process.

Block House Bill 178:

This proposed bill Democrats want to block would allow Ohioans to carry a concealed weapon without training. The group, Mom's Demand Action For Gun Sense In America, is against it as well as many in law enforcement.

"We had 1,400 who die by gun violence in this state every year. If we had people who died in airplane crashes, we'd do something about it," said Laura Irvin.

On the other hand, Rieck says if laws like these work in other places, Ohio should be no exception.

"We have 16 other states that have constitutional carry and it works there. I don't know what's so unusual about Ohio."