HOOFit Walk: Making your own health a priority


Dozens of people showed up to commit to be fit and learn about health and wellness at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium Tuesday.

All summer long, doctors from OhioHealth will join forces with animal educators at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium to give walkers a fun, learning experience while they exercise.

Today's topic: how to make your own health a priority.

"Just try to make it easy, just schedule small ten-minute breaks a couple times a day just to carve out some time to take a walk or make sure you're planning for healthy meals," Dr. Natalie Jones, a Melanoma and Breast Cancer Surgeon at OhioHealth, said. "Keep it simple as far as salads, soups, fruits, vegetables.”

We all have busy schedules.

But Dr. Jones said doing little things throughout the day will keep it simple and that will make a healthy lifestyle easier to achieve.

Learn about choosing the right place for care at the next OhioHealth HOOFit Walk at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium June 7.