HOOFit walk: How to maintain and improve your brain health


Thursday’s OhioHealth HOOFit walk at the Columbus Zoo was all about keeping your brain functioning at its best for now and for the long haul.

HOOFit walkers got a tour of the zoo while doctors shared tips on how to maintain and improve brain health.

Cardio exercise and brain teaser exercises like crossword puzzles are always beneficial, but so are certain foods.

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OhioHealth’s Dr. Ben Bring suggests eating some type of oily fish, like tuna or salmon, at least once a week. He says the omega 3 fatty acids can help with brain health as well.

“It actually helps with vitamin D production. The other ways you can get vitamin D is getting out into the sunlight and that can help produce that to help with brain health. You can take over the counter supplements as well. But the best source of it usually is in those fatty fish,” said Bring.

Make sure to join us for our next HOOFit walk at the zoo on Thursday, August 16. We’ll discuss tips and tricks for managing and beating daily stress.

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