Honda launches production of new Acura at East Liberty plant


Honda announced mass production of its 2019 Acura RDX. The company says it sold 50,000 of the 2018 version and hopes to sell even more of the newer sleeker RDX.

The new version features a panoramic moonroof, 10-speed automatic transmission, and its super-handling all-wheel drive, making this the quickest and best-handling RDX yet.

Honda is following the lead of Ford and recognizing today's car drivers are ditching the sedan and looking for an SUV with style.

Buckeye built, the SUV is also one of the safest SUV's on the road, receiving a five-star safety rating because of the high strength steel of its body.

"Because we use the latest technology and the latest concepts that preserve the human life inside to the extent possible that's why it's so highly rated," said Tom Shoupe, Executive Vice President Honda.

Honda is not only producing cars. It's also producing good paying jobs where the company says the average employee stays beyond 20 years.

Honda says the Acura RDX will hit sales floors in June. The company has not announced the cost of the RDX.