Home where toddler killed in shooting has long history with police


More than 24 hours later, police still want to know what caused gunfire, killing a little girl just days after her second birthday.

The 2-year-old girl was identified as Amiyah Bice. Of the three adults also shot, one of them is a suspect.

“We didn't know he was the one who did that, we just tried to help him,” said a mother who lives across the street.

The mother of five, who did not want to be identified, says the man knocked on her door pleading for help.

“He came and knocked, and kept on knocking. I just thought it was a sales person so I didn't open it, so when I came downstairs he left,” she said.

But moments later, she saw the suspect, who police have now identified as 51-year-old Norman Burke, collapsed across the street.

Her neighbor called 911 as others gathered around him trying to figure out what happened.

“And that's when he just said he just got shot,” she said.

Burke is now charged with one count of murder, and two counts of felonious assault.

“I didn't know what was going on, I didn't hear any shots, anything,” she said.

“I just can't believe it. You don't expect a kid to get shot number one, let alone die,” neighbor Pat McNulty said. “Police have been down there several times just on drug busts.”

In fact, Columbus police have been called to the home 19 times in two years for drugs, guns and robberies.

“Last year and a half, two years, it's been crazy down there,” McNulty said.

Julian Bice, 28, is the father of the little girl. He has previous drug and gun charges and has served time in jail.

Last summer, there was a break-in at the home. The mother, 25-year-old Jessica Stanford, was beaten up and maced.

Family confirmed that Stanford is currently pregnant. The baby is currently stable.

“It frightens the heck out of you is what it does,” said McNulty. “It worries the hell out of you because you don't know if your kid is going to get shot or what's going to happen to them.”

Police are still looking for a second suspect in Tuesday night’s shooting.