Home lost, but dog saved by firefighters in Columbus duplex fire


Columbus firefighters had to contend with the extreme weather battling a south side house fire.

Flames tore through the duplex on Ann Street near Nationwide Children's Hospital.

The fire started around 11 a.m. Wednesday morning.

Amateur video obtained by 10TV showed flames shooting from the second-floor windows, pushing firefighters back.

No one was home when the firefighters arrived, and no one was hurt or killed.

Flames weren't the only danger they had to contend with. There was also frigid winds and ice everywhere.

"Anytime we're flowing water through the hoses, we have to make sure the nozzles don't freeze up, so there's techniques to that. Trucks that aren't throwing water out of their vehicle, but are carrying water, we have to make sure they keep water churning so that their pumps don't freeze up. So there's a whole different dynamic to winter time firefighting," said Columbus Fire Battalion Chief Steve Martin.

Firefighters did find and rescue a small dog that was caged in one of the homes.

"The dog was soaking wet because of the hoses, so we've got the dog in the back of one of our medics right now, and we're (using) towels and blankets to dry the dog off, got the heat cranked up," said Martin.

10TV is told the pup wasn't burned, but did suffer some smoke inhalation.

Franklin County Animal Control is working with the owner to get the dog the care it needs.

Meanwhile, Investigators are still looking for the cause of the fire.

Firefighters battle large house fire in south Columbus