Hilliard residents experience a rash of car break-ins


“It's very unsettling because the remote garage door opener was inside my car and it struck me that they could have opened the garage door and come into my house. Very scary,” said Theresa McClinton.

McClinton woke up to find not only her car but her mother's car had been broken into.

“When I went out to mine, they had gone into my vehicle, went through the central console,” she described.

A few small items were stolen but fortunately, none of her windows were broken. She posted on a few Facebook neighborhood pages to alert others.

“About 10 people said they had been hit that night or the night before,” McClinton said.

“We recommend locking your car door. Don't leave anything valuable in your car overnight,” said Hilliard Police Officer Trevor Gill.

Gill says car break-ins are pretty common, and most of the time it’s because people leave valuables in their unlocked cars.

“That is huge, and that is something thieves look for. Car keys, you'd be surprised at the amount of time people leave car keys for that car in their car,” Gill said.

McClinton says she's going to make sure nothing is in her car, it is locked inside the garage and wants to get the message out to others.

“I feel like it's important for neighbors to communicate and let each other know what's going on,” she said.

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