Hilliard Police: “Stop posting lies on social media!”


HILLIARD, Ohio -- The Hilliard Division of Police warned students Friday to not post or share lies or half-truths about school threats on social media.

Police said a post was made on social media in February about a possible threat of a shooting at Memorial Middle School in Hilliard.

The threat was investigated and found invalid, according to police. But now, the same social media post is being shared and recirculated again without validity. Police said every threat is investigated.

“If you choose to post untrue statements on social media that alarm our community and its residents, you may be facing charges of Inducing Panic,” Hilliard Police said. “People that forward, repost or circulate false statements, or old threats, cause the same angst and fear in our community as the original allegations.”

Police said these posts cause fear in the community.

If anyone feels threatened, you are asked to speak directly with police.

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