Hilliard Police: 'Perceivable threat' prevented at Davidson High School

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Hilliard Police say they have stopped a potential threat at Davidson High School Wednesday.

According to police, the school resource officer was made aware of the threat and isolated those involved with the help of school staff.

The investigation revealed that there was a 'perceivable threat' from a student or students.

Police say the threat was in the early planning stages and never posed any harm to students or staff.

Authorities are working with prosecutors to determine what charges will be filed.

The names of the offenders have not been released at this time.

Full Statement from Hilliard Police:

Late yesterday afternoon School Resource Officer Richard Quigley was made aware of a potential threat at Davidson High School. The officer and school principals acted quickly to isolate those involved and ensure the safety of students and staff. Additional police and school personnel were called in to assist and begin the investigation.

The preliminary investigation has revealed that there was a perceivable threat from a student or students. Thankfully this threat was in the early planning stages and never posed any harm to students or staff. Our agency is in full investigative mode gathering evidence and working with the city prosecutor to determine what charges will be filed. Our agency will release the names of the offender(s) and what they are being charged with as soon as possible.

Our agency wants to assure you that we will give you as much information as possible without jeopardizing the investigation. We will never take any threat lightly and will do everything possible to ensure the safety of our school and community. We would like to assure parents and community members that there is no danger posed to our community from this incident.

We ask that community members refrain from speculating or spreading rumors that may create undo concerns.

The Hilliard City School District and the City of Hilliard could not be more proud of our community. Our citizens have truly adopted the “See Something, Say Something” attitude. Your help is needed to keep our community safe.

Below is the statement sent out to parents from the school district:

Dear Hilliard Families,

The Hilliard City School District’s first priority is the safety of our students. To ensure the safety of our students we have specific procedures in place.

After a potential threatening situation was brought to the attention of the Davidson High School Resource Officer, the Hilliard Police Department was contacted and an investigation began immediately. There was never an immediate threat to our students or staff. We are thankful for the swift action and strong partnership with our local law enforcement officials.

The Hilliard Community has established a “see something, say something!” attitude. We appreciate our students, administrators, and school staff who refuse to ignore potentially threatening situations.

The school administration and staff acted swiftly and with purpose. Hilliard Police responded with overwhelming support. We are blessed to live in a community with such a strong partnership with our law enforcement officials. We have complete confidence and trust that our local police will continue to work in partnership with us to keep our students safe.

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