Hilliard makes it illegal to smoke at city parks, city-owned property

City of Hilliard sign

Hilliard City council passed a new law prohibiting smoking at all city-owned land including city parks, parking lots and buildings.

"We were contacted by the Franklin Co board of Health. This is in collaboration with their efforts to work with many of the surrounding jurisdictions to make our outdoor spaces, our public parks a smoke-free tobacco-free environment," said Doug Francis, director of communications for the city of Hilliard.

The new law means no tobacco products, cigarettes or electronic vapor devices.

Max Ratliff grew up in Hilliard. He says he supports the city's decision.

"It's a disgusting habit, and let's be honest, it's just not the type of habit that needs to be on public display," he said.

The law does allow people to smoke in their cars on city-owned property. Any other use of tobacco will result in a fine.

"It’s an unclassified misdemeanor," said Francis. "So, your first time offense you can be sited by the Division of Police. A first time offense has a penalty of up to $150. Secondary offenses and continuing on, your penalty can reach up to $250.
City leaders will put up signs at all city parks and buildings.

Such laws usually go into effect 30 days after passing council vote.

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