High School Student Accused In School Bus Beating Of Younger Child


An investigation is underway into an alleged beating on a school bus in which a high school student is accused of beating a student half her age.

Felicity McCoy spent Thursday afternoon playing outside instead of sitting in class.

Her family said she needed a day away from school in the Adena school district in Ross County after what the 8-year-old claims a high school senior did to her on Wednesday.

"She just came up, grabbed me by my hair and started to hit me in my eye,” said McCoy.

Felicity told WBNS-10TV that a 17-year-old girl hit her in the face three times on the bus ride home from school. She thinks the girl got upset after tripping over Felicity's foot.

"I didn't know it was in the aisle,” she said.

Felicity’s mother, Christina McCoy, took pictures which show Felicity’s red cheek.

"I'm still shocked about it. I can't believe this,” said Christina McCoy.

Mccoy said there's no excuse for the bus beating.

"She's almost out of school. She should know better, little kids, leave them alone,” said Christina.

Adena Schools superintendent Dave Warne said the student has been suspended, removed from the bus for the remainder of the year and possibly faces expulsion.

He could not comment further but did say, "What happened was wrong, and we've dealt with it according to school policy."

The McCoys said their daughter won't be back on the bus anytime soon.

“I'm going to take her to and from school,” said Christina

Felicity, however, said she's ready to get back on the bus if she’s allowed to sit in the front seat.

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