Heavy rains force Ross County roadway to buckle


The recent heavy rains caused a road in Ross County to buckle. Last Thursday, the county closed Blaine Highway after the foundation collapsed.

Monday, the road sunk another six inches and crews began going to work digging up the road to fix it.

According to Chief Deputy Engineer John Wetzel, an old culvert under the road that was not known to the county, collapsed leaving a huge hole that forced the newer culvert on top of it to sink.

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The road connects State Route 50 to State Route 772.

The county is not sure how long it will take to fix it, and there could be more just like it across the county because the roads are old.

More rain is headed to the area later this week and that could bring more flooding concerns. The Scioto River at Chillicothe is just five feet away from flood stage, according to Ross County Emergency Management.