Health system revamps protocol for first responder opiate exposure


The danger is growing for first responders coming in contact with deadly opiates as the drugs get stronger.

On Sunday, a Columbus police officer was given Narcan and taken to the hospital as a precaution after possibly coming in contact with an unknown substance.

Mount Carmel Health Systems recently changed their process. There is now a detailed protocol for gathering and communicating information.

As soon as the unknown substance is determined, it's immediately relayed back to the responder’s agency.

"So our folks step in 24/7 and are notified when there’s an exposure so that we can reach back out in the immediate time frame and let them know what that potential exposure is," said Jamie Wilson, Mount Carmel EMS Manager.

Mount Carmel is also reaching out to the EMS departments to educate them on the new plan and what the hospital will do if their responders are exposed.