'He means peace, he means love': Community comes together to honor Ohio teen Harley Dilly

Gatherers place pink ribbons — pink being Harley's favorite color — in Port Clinton, Ohio. (WTOL)

PORT CLINTON, Ohio — A community in mourning came together to remember the life of Harley Dilly during a public viewing on Saturday, WTOL reports.

Many in attendance wore pink — Harley's favorite color, and offered support to the teen's family.

Authorities found the 14-year-old's body in the chimney of a vacant house near his home on Jan. 14 after he went missing weeks before.

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"I miss him and wish that didn't happen and he could come back,” said classmate Hailey Stinson. "He was a really polite person and would speak up for what his feelings were."

Resident Christine Lundy told WTOL his reach went beyond their community.

"He was cared about through everywhere. I mean, it wasn't just Port Clinton,” she said.

Michelle Gessner from Findlay, Ohio, has been helping out with one of the Harley Facebook groups since the beginning. She says Harley's example won't be forgotten.

"He means peace, he means love, he means let’s learn some lessons here,” she said.

Pennies have become Harley's signature as he used to drop them around town. And neighbors say along with a planned scholarship, they will help keep his spirit alive.


"I was born and raised here and I never had anything like that. I never knew this town could come together like the way it did, but it was wonderful," Lundy said.

All of Harley's remembrance cards had a penny and description on the back. Neighbors said Harley's memory will never be forgotten.

A candlelight vigil Sunday at 11 a.m. at the Port Clinton Police Department on E. Perry Street will provide another opportunity for the community to remember the teen.