Harmony Project Choir Celebrates Diversity In Columbus


“This land was made for you and me.”

It’s part of the song “This Land Is Your Land,” and now, it’s this year’s mission for the Harmony Project in Columbus.

The You and Me Project is celebrating the diversity of America by celebrating the diversity of Columbus.

This 12-minute video shows Columbus residents from all walks of life - different races, religions, economic backgrounds and sexual orientation. The song is performed by more than 200 members of the Harmony Project Choir.

The concept of the Harmony Project's "You and Me" program is that we are all united - because we are all different.

“If you take a 10,000 foot view of Columbus on any given day and took kind of like a little virtual snapshot, it looks like America. We are the new America in many ways. You see people flocking to our city, people coming to this region of the country because of opportunity. But perhaps more importantly because you're allowed to express yourself here,” said David Brown, Harmony Project.

The Harmony Project's "You and Me" campaign is a year-long project aimed at bringing people together who, under other circumstances, would never meet.

Anyone can be a member of the choir. There are no auditions - all you need is a love for singing and the drive to help with community service projects across the city.