Harlem Globetrotters Help Dublin Students Give Bullies The Bounce


Harlem Globetrotters put aside basketball Wednesday in an effort to bounce bullying.

“Slam Dunk Lessons” is the Globetrotters’ new campaign focusing putting an end to bullying.

The music and gags have not changes, but the message of the Harlem Globetrotters has evolved.

“I kind of grew up in a tough neighborhood, you know, there was gangs and things of that nature,” Anthony "Buckets" Blakes said. “I didn't know that bullying was as big as it is.”

At Dublin’s Wright Elementary School, Blakes helped students spell out the ABCs of bullying prevention.

“The ‘A’ is action, the ‘B’ is brave, or bravery, the ‘C’ is compassion,” fifth-grader Felicity Paez said, recalling the lesson.

The Globetrotters visit about 300 schools per year with a big emphasis on stopping violence. People like Blakes are moved to action because kids across America wrote in essays where it was revealed that the number one source of violence in their lives-- was bullying in schools

“Hopefully in those 300 schools that we visit, you know, we calm the situation down or get rid of it altogether,” Blakes said.

In true Globetrotter fashion, the lessons were taught with enthusiasm and smiles for everyone.

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