Groveport-Madison teacher on leave after improper language, physical contact with two students


COLUMBUS — A Groveport Madison teacher remains on paid administrative leave after being accused of being “excessively harsh” and using improper physical contact and language with two students.

Madison Township police are investigating the incident but no charges have been filed.

A copy of the police report obtained by 10TV News shows that officers were dispatched to the school on March 21 for the report of an assault. The district says it learned of the incident on March 22.

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A district spokesman clarified Tuesday that the incident involves two students who the kindergarten teacher “held on to too firmly” and that the teacher was “excessively harsh” with the children.

The district spokesman says that the kindergarten teacher had been placed on leave pending the outcome of an investigation.

A copy of that teacher’s personnel file includes both praise and criticism. For example, a classroom evaluator in December noted that the teacher knew which students need additional help but also noted that the teacher was “not kind” and seemed “frustrated or irritated at the students.”

“The safety and welfare of our students is unquestionably our highest priority. The district will provide its full support to all investigating agencies. Should this allegation be substantiated, we will take swift and appropriate disciplinary action, up to and including termination,” the Groveport Madison School district said in a statement.

A copy of a discipline notice dated March 25 sent to the kindergarten teacher states that she is being placed on paid administrative leave from your position at Asbury Elementary.

The reasons stated were:

  • Allegation of conduct unbecoming of an educator
  • Allegation of improper physical contact with students
  • Allegations of improper language toward students

The letter from Groveport Madison Schools director of human resources to the teacher states that during her administrative leave, “you are directed to remain off school grounds unless you have permission from me to on school grounds. You are further directed not to have any contact with students or school district employees, except union representatives.”

Franklin County Children’s Services is also investigating.

10TV News is not currently identifying the teacher. A reporter knocked on her door Tuesday but there was no answer.

Heidi Minor, the mother of an Asbury Elementary student, said she too had concerns about a separate, unrelated incident earlier this month involving her daughter and another educator.

Minor filed an assault report with the Madison Township Police on March 1 after her 8-year-old daughter alleged that she was “smacked in the face with papers” by her substitute teacher. Minor said that she went to the school to address the principal and substitute teacher but that she would not allow the Minor to meet with the substitute.

“I don’t put my hands on my child. I don’t want nobody else to either,” Minor said.

A copy of the police report shows officers interview the substitute, who said she told the student not to tell on other students but denied the allegation saying she didn’t hit her in the head with anything.

A district spokesman said that allegation was not substantiated.

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