Groveport Madison facing $2.7 million loss in tax revenue


Tuesday, Franklin County residents voted down a bond issue and tax levy that would have served as financial support for the Groveport Madison Local School District.

"Well, we have a lot of decisions to make," said Garilee Ogden, superintendent for the Groveport Madison Local School District.

The bond issue and tax levy appeared on the ballot as one item.

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The 6.10-mill levy would have raised $6.2 million for operations. A 37-year, 4.72-mill bond issue, which appeared on the ballot as a second portion of the same issue, would have raised $83.6 million to replace the district's aging elementary and middle schools.

"Well, our oldest building, in just two more years will be 100 years old," said Ogden. "Wood floors that are cracked and warped. No elevators. So, any children that live in that district area who perhaps need an elevator for disability we have to send to other schools, so that’s already busing them out of their community."

The district now faces a nearly-$3 million dollar loss in tax revenue. The current levy which funds district operations will end in January 2020.

"If we don't replace that 2.7 million in revenue, what do we have to lose?" Ogden said. "We cannot maintain the programs we offer right now without some kind of cut to something. We have not discussed what that would be."

Ogden says she and district leaders will now meet with the Ohio Board of Education to discuss options for future funds.

"We have to decide now if we go back to our voters," Ogden said. "I think it's about us being reflective, going back to the drawing board all over again. We'll have to discuss that with the board of education and make recommendations that would be the best for our students."

Ogden says school leaders have not yet decided which programs will suffer if they are unable to come up with more funds.