Grove City opens shelter due to power outages


Grove City leaders and first responders are working on a cleanup plan from inside the emergency operations command center in city hall after Tuesday's storms.

Officials say almost 4,000 people are still without power Tuesday night.

Crews with AEP told the city it could take 24 to 36 hours for power to be restored.

Neighbors who witnessed the storm, say they can't believe how much damage it caused.

It looked cool from the porch, but once the hail stopped Norman Yates and his kids ran as fast as they could into the basement.

"As soon as we got downstairs and sat down in the middle of the basement the house started shaking," neighbor Norman Yates said.

Yates says he thought it could be a tornado and from his basement window he saw debris start to fly.

"We could see the trees and things just moving back and forth, the telephone pole snapping off, debris up over the church back here flying through the air. It was pretty crazy," Yates said.

Grove City officials said Tuesday night at least 3,800 people are without power and 7 to 11 power poles came crashing down on top of houses and cars in the storm.

"We already have service reps out working now clearing trees that are blocking roads. Some they can't touch because there's wires," Grove City's Public Information Office Don Walters said.

Some cars are still stranded along Hoover Road while wood and pieces of rooftops are scattered through the Hoover Crossing neighborhood.

"Oh we were thinking the house was going away," Yates said.

Yates says he doesn't know how, but he lucked out.

"We are blessed that this thing didn't tear our house up," Yates said.

The city has opened an emergency shelter.

The Evans Center at 4330 Dudley Avenue is open to neighbors without power who need a place to stay.

If residents in Grove City or Jackson Township need transportation, please call 614-277-1859. Please bring medications, no pets allowed. Check on neighbors who may not have social media.