Grove City man's passion for remote controlled airplanes


For Gary Mount of Grove City there is nothing like flying his remote controlled airplanes.

To say Gary is passionate would be an understatement, while his wife might think he is obsessed.

“I don't know if I want my wife to know this.” Gary Mount said. “But we're looking at probably 160 to 200 planes and probably 50 to 60 helicopters.”

Gary loves spending time at the airstrip flying his planes but the fact that he is able to do it is simply amazing. Eight years ago Gary was involved in a terrible wreck, a wreck that cost him his left leg.

“I was going about 5 miles an hour on my motorcycle and I had an individual that was not paying attention and was sitting still at the time and when i got up beside the person well then they turned left and rolled over top of me and they had to amputate my leg from above the knee down."

Gary never thought he would fly planes again, he never thought he would walk again.

But he never gave up and as it turned out flying his model airplanes has turned out to be great therapy.

“The fact that you can come out here and take your mind off of it.” Mount said, “You’re not thinking about your leg.”

And while Gary has overcome his adversity, it has not been easy. Gary is quick to remind people that distracted driving must end. He says pay attention at all times when you are behind the wheel.

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