Grove City man's baseball collection captures history of America's Pastime


Tracy Martin of Grove City has a love affair with baseball. His basement is a tribute to America's pass time.

A history of baseball with memorabilia that goes back to the beginnings of the game.

Tracy has over 3,000 items and we are talking about museum quality stuff.

He has even loaned some of his things for display at Cooperstown and the Baseball Hall of Fame including an undergarment endorsed by Babe Ruth.

"I have always loved history,” Tracy Martin said. “I loved baseball and as I got older I realized baseball has this amazing history behind it."

You name it Tracy has it from old time baseball to a collection of wool uniforms, but his pride and joy is Babe Ruth. He has a personal check from the Babe, signed by the Babe.

“The check is actually from his own personal estate,” Martin said. “The neat thing about the check is he wrote it for cash so he actually had to endorse the back so there is actually 2 Babe Ruth autographs on that piece."

Tracy has so much stuff he is now hanging things on the ceiling. Tracy said he is trying to convince his wife that he needs a bigger house.

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