The Grove City Dream Field makes baseball accessible to ballplayers of all abilities


A new baseball field in Grove City is giving children with special needs and all abilities a chance to make their dreams come true from the diamond. The Grove City Mirolo Dream Field at Mount Carmel Stadium had its grand opening Saturday.

With the crack of a bat and cheers from the stands, dreams came true in Grove City.

"To see these kids come out on this field, payment enough. I think the community, everyone involved in Grove City, all the way to our mayor. This is the most fantastic piece of it all,” Buddy Ball League Vice President Shane Williams said.

A new baseball diamond for special needs children of all abilities saw its first action of the season. 9-year-old Marrice Fields couldn’t wait to play ball.

"I'm pretty excited. pretty excited,” Fields said.

The Mirolo Dream Field at Windsor Park is specially built, complete with a rubberized surface for walkers and wheelchairs. Plans for the ball field started years ago when Grove City Little League teamed up with the city, community volunteers and donors to raise enough money to build it.

Williams said the baseball field cost almost $500,000 to build.

"Truly a field of dreams when you think about what we offer the community and the surrounding communities. It's another avenue. These kids can be mainstreamed,” Williams said.

Kids like Marrice Fields now have the chance to run the bases and hit home runs.

"Really thank you. I really love you, thank you. Thanks for this baseball team and all this stuff,” Field said.

At their own dream field.

Officials say there are also plans to add a play gym to the baseball field.