Group of teens help older man after fall, walk him home


A group of teen boys were all hanging out one day when they noticed an older man with a walker struggling to get around on his own.

When the man fell down, that's when the group of boys sprang into action by helping him up and walking him all the way home to make sure he got there safely.

What the boys didn't know was that someone was snapping pictures of their good deed from across the street.

Erika Tovar saw the boys helping the man and took several photos, sharing them on Facebook.

"Shout out to these young boys for helping an elderly man off the ground after he fell and walking him home," Tovar wrote in her post. "If any of you have elderly family check on them make sure they are okay!"

Tovar's post has been shared more than 700 times.

A local bakery in Caldwell saw the photos posted by Tovar and shared it on their business page.

The boys were interviewed on a local news station, so the bakery was able to contact the boys and treat them for their act of kindness.

"So this happened today!! We got to treat the wonderful Caldwell boys who helped an elderly man who had fallen, Sweet Spot Bakery posted on Facebook. "Great group of young men!"