Group marches in Columbus to 'end racial injustice'


Hundreds came together Thursday in front of the statehouse in protest in the fight against injustice.

The rally was part of a nationwide effort to get people together and take a stand against racism.

“No justice, no peace, no racist, police,” chanted protesters.

It's a movement that is said to be a part of the "Black Lives Matter National day of Action."

“We’re here really just to raise visibility and awareness,” Tynan Krakoff.

Krakoff's organization, Showing up for Racial Justice, helped organize the rally and march.

“We organize with white people and get them to stand up to break white silence and to take a stand against racism in this country,” Krakoff said.

“We're here in solidarity, but we're here also to continue to raise awareness around the recent homicide of Henry Green in the Linden community,” Tammy Fournier Alsada with People’s Justice Project said.

And 25-year-old Kawme Patrickshot who was killed by Columbus police on the south side of the city July 30.

"My son was on his knees with his hands up when the police shot him," Kawme’s mother, Tasha Reeder, said.

What led up to the shooting is still under investigation, but police say a gun was recovered from the scene.

“My family is suffering without my baby, and I want my baby back,” Reeder said.

“We are here to say that enough is enough, it is unacceptable to us that our young people are allowed to be murdered on the streets in the neighborhood where they live,” Fournier Alsada said. “And that we go on with business as usual.”

Protesters quickly got the attention of Columbus Police as they filled the street in front of the Ohio statehouse, and made their way to CPD headquarters.

“Our silence allows racism to thrive in this country,” Krakoff said.

Kraoff was handcuffed and placed in the back of a police cruiser shortly after they arrived there after some kind of disagreement. But, overall protesters were peaceful.

“We will demand justice as long as it takes,” Fournier Alsada said.