Groom Killed, Bride Injured On Wedding Day


A tragic accident has people stunned in Wyandot County.

A couple was married only to be involved in a deadly car crash just a few hours later.
The new bride is now recovering in a Lima hospital while grieving the loss of her husband.

The crash happened Sunday afternoon on Township Highway 135 just north of Township Highway 72 in the Upper Sandusky area.

Friends tell 10TV the bride and groom, Andy and Ruth Bloomfield, were riding with two people from their wedding when they crashed.

The Wyandot County Sheriff’s office says Elizabeth Shelton was pronounced dead at the scene. Andy and Ruth Bloomfield, along with the driver—Timothy Tebbe—were transported to St. Rita’s Medical Center in Lima.

Andy Bloomfield would later die, and now his friends say they are trying to wrap their heads around it all.

"I was really glad that he finally found somebody,” said family friend Jessica Lehner.

Bloomfield was a young man who friends say had been looking forward to his wedding day for a long time.

"They planned it for I think almost two years,” said Cathy Bishop, another family friend.

Bloomfield’s final Facebook posts give a glimpse of just how excited he was to marry Ruth Driskill:

"Ready to start a new chapter being married. I never thought I would find that person to settle down with but I guess I just got lucky. Soon I will be a married man."

"They were so much in love,” Bishop said.

The Mansfield resident says Bloomfield was like family to her and her children.

"I cried so much,” she said. “I can't cry no more."

Bishop's daughter, Lehner, says Bloomfield would have done anything for anyone.

"He was a really good guy,” she said. “Everybody loved him. He was a very, very loved person."

The skid marks from the vehicle that Bloomfield and his new bride were passengers in are still visible on Township Highway 135.

The Wyandot County Sheriff's office says the driver of that pick-up truck, Timothy Tebbe, lost control, hit a ditch and ended up in a cornfield.

10TV spoke with a neighbor who says he witnessed the aftermath.

"I went into the cornfield and spoke to the driver and the lady in the back,” said David Sandridge.

Sandridge says that woman he spoke to was Ruth Bloomfield.

He says he tried to keep her calm as she kept asking about her husband.

"She was concerned where he was and everything and how he was doing,” he said.

Bloomfield would die mere hours after saying "I do" to the woman he loved.

"They were just getting ready to start a life together and then three hours later or so, it just happened, and he's just gone,” said Lehner.

The Wyandot County Sheriff's office is investigating the crash.

Friends are trying to raise money for Andy Bloomfield's funeral. If you would like to donate, click here.

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