Grocery store creates jobs, brings fresh produce to Franklinton


Wednesday the Jubilee Market and Cafe opened in Franklinton. The grocery store becomes the city's first non-profit store providing fresh produce and fruit to help the low-income.

Located at 1160 West Broad Street, the market is inside the former Anthony Thomas Candy warehouse.

Lower Lights Christian Health Center raised nearly $2 million to renovate the space which includes a salad buffet.

For those who live in the area, described as a food desert because of the lack of access to fresh food, this is a great addition to the neighborhood.

"I like to have a place I get fresh produce and at a reasonable price, because it's good for my health and eating healthy is what I'm about, " says Nell Corbett of Franklinton.

The grocery store will provide discounts for those who live below the poverty line.

For a family of four, the federal poverty level is $25,100. Customers living under 100 percent of that income will receive a 20 percent discount.

The grocery store hours are 8 am to 7 pm Monday through Friday. Noon to 5 pm Saturday and Sunday.

The store is also employing people in the area to teach them the grocery business.